Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th of July Sawyer Brown/Diamond Rio Concert

Just like that, he's ONE!

I can't believe this little guy is one! He adds so much smiles and laughter to our family, it's amazing. He has been pulling up on things for months but has no interest at all to walk- pushing anything, holding on to fingers.. nothing! So I guess we will be patient and hope it comes. I don't know how much is because of his club feet and how much is just Dayton. He is signing- all done (9 months), sleep (10 months), and food (11 months). He loves his sleep and insists on it when he is tired by signing sleep on the side of his head pretty forcefully. He takes two 2-3 hour naps a day and sleeps about 10 hours at night. He has four teeth and I'm pretty sure he is trying to cut his fifth right now because of his runny nose and extra orneryness. 

 He is hands down my most chill kid. He is easy going, fun, and a tease. He is persistent- if I leave a toilet seat open, he will find it and play in it. If I leave the Den open he will push the button on the computer every time. If I don't put the gate up for the stairs he will climb them without fail. He started needing to be supplemented at about 11 months with formula but we still nurse 2-3 times a day. We will work on weaning over the next few weeks. It's mostly the morning nursing that I think will be the tough one to drop. 

I don't know how to explain this clearly but he has this little thing he does with his hands when he gets mad that makes me laugh every time. He screams and he will put both his arms straight out and put flat palms out- like someone saying "STOP" but with both hands. He also has this cute little sound he makes to play with someone it's like Ahhh-uh but a higher pitch at the end. He loves when people make that sound back at him- it is sure to get a smile every time. 

He has a hard time sleeping anywhere but in his bed and he sleeps pretty good at Grandma's. I'm wondering how awful this family trip is going to be with it being 5 days away from home. As chill as he is, when he is tired but can't go to sleep- it's not very pretty. 

I think of all my kids this one year birthday has been the most bitter-sweet. Knowing he is my last makes it a bit tough. We have been through a lot in the past year. My heart is full everyday that he even made it here with all the complications we had during the pregnancy and delivery. And then when he got here he had to go through so much with weekly trips to SLC for casting, surgery and then his brace (boots and bar) which he just hated for awhile. I never thought we would be able to leave the house again with how uncomfortable it made him in the car. But look at him now- he's a champ crawling in his boots, he even stands in them no biggie. He's a smartie and we just feel so blessed he is a part of our life. He is the puzzle piece that makes our family complete and we are so darn grateful he is ours! Love you buddy, Happy Birthday yesterday!

Canyoneering - Pine Creek in Zion

I had my first experience canyoneering in Zion yesterday and it was amazing. It was SO scary since I have a slight fear of heights but seriously an incredible experience. The wildlife was amazing out there- we saw these incredible owls so close at one of the rappels, we saw mountain sheep, we saw the tiniest little frogs, big frogs, butterflies, lizards, tadpoles, a deer and the list goes on. The slot canyon itself was GORGEOUS. Really breathtaking. 

Most of the rappels weren't too long but a bit trickier than just rappelling straight down a wall which is all I have done (heck, i only have been rappelling once before this). The last big rappel was basically just lowering yourself down into a huge chasm 100 feet down. It was terrifying and spectacular all at the same time. There was also this one called Cathedral where the acoustics are beautiful where we had to rappel but stay on the left side and go through this hole, it was super hard to stay to the left and not fall to the right. Amazingly enough Dan had gotten through the hole the first time and was pulling us through but it was still pretty tricky. Before each rappel I would have a minor panic attack and once I was on the rope I would be fine. I had more anxiety for others falling off that weren't tethered in. There were about 8 rappels and then we had to hike out. The hiking out was more intense than the rappelling. It was extreme. We would be hiking one way and it would lead us to a big drop off so we had to back track enough to find another way over a boulder that wasn't quite as big. We were crossing logs over big drops, going over and under huge boulders, hiking through water- which was super cold by the way. A few of the rappels you had no choice but to drop into the pool and unhook there. It seriously was unreal. 
A thunder storm rolled in when we got out of the slot canyon and while we were doing the hiking out which made the weather perfect although a little nerve wracking for flash floods. I don't think you can really put into words the cool experience it was. I hope to do it again sometime when I have forgotten how scary it was. And oh my heck I am so sore today. Especially my shoulders and legs. Seriously up there with some of the coolest things I've done!