Friday, September 8, 2017

Rainy Day

We had a rainy day and oh my goodness the 70 degree weather was incredible over the 100 degree weather! Lighting was perfect so I had to take some pictures. Sure love these kiddos of mine!

Friday, August 18, 2017

First day of school 2017

And just like that the summer is over! We now have a preschooler, third grader, and crazy enough a 5th grader! Jaston begged me to drive him to school and then once we got there I was planning on dropping him off and he asked that I walk him in to his classroom so we did. Once we were there he took off to the playground so I let Brielle play for a few minutes and then we headed home. Skylee was ok to wave goodbye to me from a distance. I'm guessing it won't be too much longer that Jaston is wanting me to walk him to his classroom so I'll take it while I can. I have been so ready for school to start but now that it's here I'm missing my kiddos :(

Saturday night we had a s'mores party with Grandma and Nana. It was fun and we even got to enjoy a little rain so it was cooler. 


Today while Brielle jumped out of her tub to go to the bathroom and I was getting ready and we had quite the little conversation:

Me- Are you liking your new teacher? Is she nice
Brielle- Yes
Me- Are you liking your friends in your class?
Brielle- Yes, well I like the girls. I don't like boys.
Me- You still need to be nice to the boys even if you don't like them.
Brielle- Mom, I'm trying to poop, you aren't helping me poop! (She obviously didn't want to have this discussion).
Me- Ok, but you still need to be nice to the boys.
Brielle- I'm allergic to boys.
Me- Oh really?
Brielle- Yes, I'm allergic to boys and to my bed.

She is constantly saying things that make me laugh. She is picking up some big vocabulary words that are super cute coming from her. One of my not-sop- favorite ones she has picked up is freaking. We are working on not saying it but every once in awhile she says it.

She is doing an online preschool right now as well as our neighborhood one and it has been a real struggle to get her to get on and do her preschool. The last few days she has been doing much better because she gets to earn time playing on Mom's phone depending on how much time she does her Upstart. I think for her it's a control issue. Once she gets on she is fine, it's just the fact that she HAS to do it everyday that is stressing her out. Now that I leave it more up to her she is much more willing.

This girl definitely keeps me on my toes. She's a sweetheart but man is she stubborn! I thought my other kids were but they were nothing at this age compared to Brielle. If she can direct that determined attitude in the right direction - she will do great things in this world. I can't wait to see what she decides to do with her life. We love our Brielle.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Family Vacation Time

Dayton had his six month check up at Shriner's so we decided to make it our big family vacation and go to Lagoon and play with lots of family while we were up there. We spent Thursday with Teona and the boys playing and then went up to the appt, then we spent Friday at Lagoon (Teona kept the two littles while we took John and Taylor with us), Saturday we spent with Greg and Chelsie at the Discovery Museum at Thanksgiving Point and then met up with Mike and Aubrey and Kayloni for lunch and Ikea. Then we hit up the Nickelcade and went back to Teona's to crash hard and headed home on Sunday. It was an absolute blast and I was totally wiped. 

The 24th at G and G Johnson's church party

 Flashback to Dayton's first bottle on Skylee's bday last year


 Literally three minutes after I turned their movie off on the way home. They played hard.
 Dayton loved hanging with Uncle Wayne!